Logistical Nightmare

Logistical Nightmare
We here at LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE want to bring together all like minded Motorsport enthusiast's and put South African sim-racing on the map! We want the world to see that South Africa has the talent to compete at worlds and other international events. Currently we are not recognized but that is about to change! We have the numbers and we have the pace, we just need to now work together to achieve greatness

LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE is South Africa's premier online simulation racing organization and serves home to some of the best local competitive drivers (Sim-Racing) while simultaneously building a lifestyle gaming brand. It is our aim to help the progression of sim-racing both locally and internationally by raising levels of competition and increasing public involvement and developing corporate opportunities.

To bring sim-racing to the masses by creating a lifestyle brand that unites the gaming hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals under one banner.
Team Members
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