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Conditions of Use

The use of this website ("DG") is subject to the below legal conditions and any person entering DG is bound by these conditions.


DG, is owned and operated by Gareth Macquet trading as Dominus Gaming.


DG is designed to provide information about Dominus Gaming and its work, as well as links to websites operated by organizations performing similar work. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information contained on DG is accurate and up to date, it should not be assumed that this will invariably be the case. Where necessary or appropriate, users should obtain independent verification of any information contained on DG.

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Dominus Gaming reserves the right to change any of the content of DG at any time in its sole discretion.

Intellectual Property

DG is owned and operated by Dominus Gaming which has copyright in respect of all material contained in DG, unless otherwise stated. No content may be altered, distributed, transferred, added to, or in any other way interfered with, except as otherwise expressly indicated on DG or with the prior written consent of Dominus Gaming. In the event that Dominus Gaming gives its permission for reproduction of any copyright material contained in DG, Dominus Gaming or copyright holder, as the case may be, must be credited as the copyright holder in a prominent place and in legible letters.

If copyrighted material is to be reproduced on another website, then the first occurrence of the words "Dominus Gaming" must be hyperlinked to DG at your own cost.

Comments and suggestions about DG are welcome. By making such suggestions or comments, you release all intellectual property rights in such comments or suggestions to Dominus Gaming at no charge.

Third Parties may submit articles for publication on DG. Authors of such articles are required to identify themselves and give brief curriculum vitae. Dominus Gaming reserves the right to edit such articles or quote extracts from them, allow the articles or extracts to be reproduced on other websites and in other places, in Dominus Gaming’s discretion, provided that the author will always be credited.

Conditions of Use

DG provides links to various other Internet sites. Dominus Gaming has no control over the content of

those websites, nor does Dominus Gaming review that content. Dominus Gaming therefore cannot be

held responsible for the content or the accuracy of those websites. These websites may contain sexually

explicit, violent, racist or other types of material which may be offensive to you. Therefore access to

such other websites is at your own discretion and risk.


Dominus Gaming does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided on DG and accordingly

cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage of any nature, howsoever caused, that may arise from

your use of DG or reliance upon information contained in it.

Where information of a financial nature is contained on DG, this is provided for information purposes

only and you are advised not to place reliance upon such information for purposes of your own financial,

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information or that the information provided is current.

Dominus Gaming does not and cannot guarantee that files available for download from DG or that DG as

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properties. Accordingly, your use of DG is at your own risk.


Our Privacy Policy forms part of these conditions.


All competitions run by Dominus Gaming on DG are subject to the following conditions:

The closing date and time of the competition will be specified. No entries received after the closing date

and time will be considered.

The judges' decision is final and no correspondences will be entered into or entertained.

Competitions shall generally be open to all users of DG, except that employees of Dominus Gaming,

their families and advertising agents and representatives may not enter.

Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.

Any additional conditions applicable to particular competitions will be specified.


Any dispute between Dominus Gaming and a third party arising from the use of or reliance on DG will be

subject to the jurisdiction of the law and the courts of the Republic of South Africa.

Dominus Gaming reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without prior notice.

The head notes to the clauses of these conditions are for reference purposes only and shall in no way

govern or affect the interpretation of, nor modify or amplify the terms of these conditions.

Privacy Policy

10.1. Dominus Gaming recognizes and respects your right to privacy. Accordingly, where we obtain

personal information about you, we are committed to the protection of that information and its

appropriate use.

10.2. In certain cases, when using DG, you may be requested to provide us with personal information.

Other information about you may also be obtained automatically as you navigate through DG. This

includes, but is not necessarily limited to your Internet protocol address, the software that you are using

to browse the Internet and your domain. This may assist us to manage DG and provide functionality to

you. We do not use this information for direct marketing or solicitation of business from visitors to DG.

10.3. "Cookies" accessed or stored by DG may retain personal information including your name, e-mail

address, postal address and telephone number, but you have the choice to switch off "cookies" on your

computer. Any "cookie" used by DG is not accessible to other websites.

10.4. No personal information gathered by us about you will be shared with any other person or entity,

save as provided in this privacy statement or as required by law.

10.5. We do not send spam.

10.6. The security of your personal information is protected by secure firewall and database

architecture. Your personal information may only be accessed by Dominus Gaming personnel who have

a legitimate business reason to do so and personal information can be made public or private by editing

your profile settings. Please however be aware that should there be communication between Dominus

Gaming and you over the Internet, such communications can be accessed by other Internet users. Please

therefore do not use e-mail to communicate with us should you wish to include information in that

communication that you require to be kept confidential.