Welcome to Dominus Gaming's Virtual Motorsport Challenge (VMC)

The VMC offers drivers taking part to earn a little something from doing what they love: Racing!

Drivers may pay a fee to enter the VMC for each month of the year, this fee will give you access to various daily/weekly events with the eligibility to take part in the monthly finals where you will get a chance to race for a piece of the monthly prize pool, the more people who enter, the more events will take place during each week and the bigger each month's prize pool will get.

These weekly events will all be single races that will earn you points.

The top 12 drivers with the most points, for each title within the VMC, at the end of each month will be entered into a monthly final, where they will race for a piece of a monthly prize pool, the size of the prize pool will also be dependent on the number of entrants for each month.

There may be more final races giving more drivers opportunities to make a final at the end of each month, depending on the number of entrants. Eg. 12, 24, 36 finalists.

More daily/weekly events will be added once more people register.


Please make sure you join the Dominus Gaming Discord to keep up to date with the various events, you will also be using the Discord to register for each event.

Please take note that registering means you register for the specific month and not for a month. eg. Your registrations for March will end at the end of March no matter when you register for the month of March.

You can register for the VMC below.